On The Stage

Wednesday 26th November to Saturday 29th November at 7.30pm

blood brothersBLOOD BROTHERS

Off Centre Theatre present the original non-musical version of Willy Russell’s play, Blood Brothers. It follows the journey of two mothers and two sons: two mothers who grow to hate and fear each other; two sons who grow to love each other without realising why they have such a strong bond. You will be drawn into their world, laughing and crying as you witness their joys and tragedies – a deeply moving theatre experience. Amateur  Production

Tickets:  £8.00book3

Friday 5th December at 7.30pm

chartistsThe Forgotten ? – Never !

The Forgotten celebrates the 175th year of the Chartist movement in music, drama and song. It gives voice to the working men, women and children who joined in the protest against the injustices of the age. It tells of how they left their homes on a November evening to march to Newport and from there into history. 

Tickets: £ 10.00. Concessions £ 8.00book3

Wednesday 10th December

Chris HadfieldChris Hadfield – You Are Hererossiter logo
Around The World In 92 Minutes

In ‘ You Are Here’ Chris Hadfield creates a virtual orbit of earth, giving us the big picture, this is our home. Now, through photographs – many never before shared – Hadfield reveals a fresh and insightful look at our planet.

Tickets: £ 6.00  – £3.00 redeemable against the book on the night. 

Presented by Rossiter Booksbook3

Sunday 28th December to Thursday 1st January

robin hoodRobin Hood & The Babes In The Wood

Robin Hood is determined to bring prosperity to the forest by thwarting the cunning Sheriff of Nottingham. But the evil Sheriff has a new plan – the orphaned babes of his cousin offer him the chance of greater power and wealth, He secretly orders the murder of the babes.. and yes, only one man can save them - Robin Hood!

Tickets:  Adult £ 12.00 | Under 16’s £ 8.00 | Family £ 35.00book3

 Tuesday 27th January

JimDavidsonJim Davidson – No Further Action

Very few comedians could turn the worst year of their life into a resounding success. Fresh from winning the most successful ever series of Big Brother by a landslide, comedy king Jim Davidson has done exactly that. ‘No Further Action’ will see Jim tell the story of his arrest and the nightmare 12 months that followed, the clearing of his name and winning the heart of the nation all over again.

Tickets: £ 22.50book3

 Wednesday 4th March 2015 at 7.30

Lloyd_AmericanGothic300mm largeLloyd Langford: Old Fashioned

A brand new show about feeling bamboozled by the modern world. Jam packed with gags, anecdotes, riffs and occasional exasperated pleas to the sky. Will contain jokes about CGI, plugs and gang bangs. As seen in second-hand shops up and down the country, on Q.I (BBC2) and as heard on BBC Radio Wales amongst other things. Winner of a 2014 Radio Academy Award for sketch show “Here Be Dragons”      “One of the sharpest comedic minds on the circuit.” The Guardian

Tickets: £ 12.00book3

Saturday 14th March at 7.30

AndyP_jumping 2015 tour(1)Andy Parsons: Live and Unleashed – But Naturally Cautious

With four sell out national tours, three DVD releases and a special for Comedy Central already under his belt, Andy Parsons, is back on the road in 2014 and coming to Monmouth.

“Hysterical live show. Andy Parsons is on fire” The Mirror

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Friday 20th March at 7,30

colourbuddyRAVE ON – A Tribute To Buddy Holly

From ‘Stars in their Eyes’ & ‘Buddy’ The Musical , Marc Robinson & The Counterfeit Crickets bring you all of Buddy Holly Classics .. Heartbeat , Peggy Sue , True Love Ways & It Doesn’t Matter Anymore. With horned rimmed glasses , authentic attire and the famous Stratocaster guitar!
A Rock n Roll show to make you ask ? Will Rock N Roll ever die ? That’ll be the day !

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Friday 17th April at 7.30

homepagepic4Back To Broadway

Back To Broadway is the all-singing, all-dancing, theatrical sensation that invites you to take a breathtaking journey through the magical world of musicals! Now in its 4th successful year, Back To Broadway returns with a stunning new show for 2015. With unforgettable performances, dazzling costumes and original choreography, Back To Broadway is the hit show not to be missed!

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Saturday 25th April at 7.30

RICH EDRichard Herring – Lord Of The Dance Settee

After covering weighty issues like death, love, religion and spam javelins, “The King of Edinburgh” is in a frivolous mood with this show about daftness, whether the term “cool comedian” is an oxymoron, and how Herring’s whole career is a failed attempt to top a piece of visual slapstick comedy he came up with at 16. Can he revisit the joke thirty years on or will it smash his old bones? 

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Saturday 23rd May at 8.00pm

RH Tour 15Rich Hall : 3.10 To Humor

Rich Hall’s critically acclaimed grouchy, deadpan style has established him as a master of absurdist irony and the king of rapid-fire wit. The award-winning Montana native renowned for his expertly crafted tirades and quick fire banter with audiences and delightful musical sequences saddles up and hitches his wagon to tour the British Isles once again.

 Tickets: £ 16.00book3

Tuesday 7th July 2015 at 7.30

Tony-Stockwell-2014An Evening Of Mediumship With Tony Stockwell

The popular star of TV’s Street Psychic, Psychic Private Eyes and Psychic Academy, Tony Stockwell demonstrates his belief that those who have passed can communicate with their loved ones, all delivered with emotion, sensitivity and empathy.Tony Stockwell is a spiritualist medium and spirit communication is part of his own religious belief, but we accept differing opinions exist regarding mediumship. Any demonstration of mediumship is an experiment and results are not guaranteed.

Tickets: £ 18.50book3