On The Stage

Saturday 11th April at 8.00pm

KB headshot 2015Kevin Bridges – Work In Progress + Support

Kevin Bridges returns to the road trying out brand new material prior to embarking on his biggest tour to date – A Whole Different Story…..Scotland’s biggest export, Kevin Bridges, is dubbed as “brilliant” by one of his comedy idols, Billy Connolly.               “Britain’s best stand up” The Sun “a MUST-SEE act” Daily Mirror

Tickets: £17.50 book3

Friday 17th April at 7.30

backtobroadwayBack To Broadway

Voted as the UK’s No. 1 Musical Theatre show, Back To Broadway is the all-singing, all-dancing, theatrical sensation that invites you to take a breathtaking journey through the magical world of musicals! Now in its 4th successful year, Back To Broadway returns with a stunning new show for 2015. All the best-loved songs from the world’s greatest musicals are showcased in a spellbinding and captivating stage spectacular!

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Saturday 18th April at 8.00pm

jeremy_hardy_speaksJeremy Hardy Live 2015

Jeremy Hardy begins his 4th decade as a stand-up. That’s a more dramatic way of saying he started 31 years ago and without a lottery win. Last year, the tenth series of Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation was broadcast on Radio 4. He is well known for his appearances on The News Quiz and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

Tickets: £ 14.00 Unwaged £ 5.00 ( In Person Only)book3

Saturday 25th April at 12.00 Noon

DSC_0151Hugless Douglas

Hugless Douglas is a huggable, lovable young brown bear who wakes up one morning in need of a hug. He tries to find the perfect one, but none of them seem quite right. After all, there are so many different hugs to choose from. But Douglas soon discovers that there’s only one hug that will do – a big bear hug from his mum! Little Cubs aged 3 – 7 years old will love this heartwarming tale, but grown-up bears will have lots of fun, too.

Tickets: Adult £9.00 Under 16’s £7.00 Family £28.00book3

Saturday 25th April at 8.00

RICH EDRichard Herring – Lord Of The Dance Settee

After covering weighty issues like death, love, religion and spam javelins, “The King of Edinburgh” is in a frivolous mood with this show about daftness, whether the term “cool comedian” is an oxymoron, and how Herring’s whole career is a failed attempt to top a piece of visual slapstick comedy he came up with at 16. Can he revisit the joke thirty years on or will it smash his old bones? 

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Friday 1st May at 7.30

marleneThe Deitrich Letters – A Tribute To Marlene Deitrich

Marina Laslo, the Russian born singer, has firmly established herself on the international music scene through her captivating artistry and unique, ethereal qualities. Combining sumptuous, rich and tender vocals with intense, touchable emotion, Marina takes on the music Marlene made famous. Dietrich Letters is the stunning collection of songs by legendary Marlene Dietrich showcased by a timeless performer whose beautiful voice continues to captivate.

Tickets: 18.50book3

 Friday & Saturday 8th & 9th May

shaunShaun Of The Dead – LIVE !

Belief from Simon Pegg is putting Almost Legal Productions on the map as they bring one of the all out zombie comedy favourites to the stage. With audience participation (including dressing up), goody bags, songs and dances -to bring you life after death!

Tickets: £ 15.00book3  |  £13.00 Friends

Wednesday 13th May at 7.30pm

GypsyFiresmallGypsy Fire

Gypsy Fire’s ‘Acoustic Spectacular’  show, propels you on a fabulous musical journey through style and time. Narrated by the mysterious ‘Creator’ this dynamic show combines breathtaking musical performances with an otherworldly theatrical ambience. Featuring Ben Holder (violin) Will Barnes and Stuart Carter-Smith (acoustic guitars) and Paul Jefferies (double bass) A feast for the senses!

Tickets: £ 14.00book3

Friday 15th May at 7.30pm

OMA2015_poster_Monmouth Savoy_v01_WEBOnly Men Aloud – On The Road Tour 2015

Over the years the Wales-based male vocal group has varied in size according to requirements, sometimes having 20 men on stage performing a varied repertoire that covers everything from Welsh traditional music and Opera to Tom Jones and Coldplay. Only Men Aloud has undergone a regeneration with a fresh line-up and a new, more individual style that suits their personalities – but with the same popular appeal that has wowed fans across the country.

Tickets: £ 26.00book3

Saturday 23rd May at 8.00pm

RH Tour 15Rich Hall : 3.10 To Humor

Rich Hall’s critically acclaimed grouchy, deadpan style has established him as a master of absurdist irony and the king of rapid-fire wit. The award-winning Montana native renowned for his expertly crafted tirades and quick fire banter with audiences and delightful musical sequences saddles up and hitches his wagon to tour the British Isles once again.

 Tickets: £ 16.00book3

Friday 29th May at 7.30pm

countryRockin’ The Country

Take the very best of the 50’s rock ‘n’ roll era, the best of classic country music, add some tunes from the 80’s rock ‘n’ roll and the 90’s “new traditional” country revivals, and you have ROCKIN’ THE COUNTRY! It’s a celebration of two closely related musical genres. Whether you got into rock ‘n’ roll via Elvis Presley or country music via Hank Williams THIS is a show you’ll definitely want to see.

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Saturday 13th June at 7.30

Blues_Band_mainThe Blues Band

From Greece to Finland, Poland to Portugal, Italy to Denmark, when the Blues Band arrive, the fans turn out in their thousands. What’s on offer is always the same; a stunning menu of original compositions and blues classics, all delivered with passion, knowledge, love of the genre and entertaining showmanship. if you love the blues, it doesn’t get any better than The Blues Band.

Tickets: 19.50book3

Thu, Fri. & Sat. 18th,19th & 20th June at 7.30pm

TheBirthdayPartyThe Birthday Party  by Harold Pinteroffcsmall

This modern classic is about Stanley Webber, an erstwhile piano player, who lives in a rundown boarding house, run by Meg and Petey Boles, in an English seaside town, “probably on the south coast, not too far from London”.Two sinister strangers, Goldberg and McCann, arrive supposedly on his birthday and appear to have come looking for him. They turn Stanley’s apparently innocuous birthday party organised by Meg into a nightmare. (Amateur production).

Tickets: £ 9.00book3

Monday 22nd June at 7.30pm

z_barbara_live_newsAn Evening With Barbara Dickson

From her roots in the Scottish folk scene of the late 1960’s through to mainstream chart success with hits including ‘Answer Me’, ‘Another Suitcase in Another Hall’, ‘Caravans’, ‘January, February’ and the million-selling number one single, ‘I Know Him So Well’, Barbara Dickson has long since cemented her status as one of the UK’s best-loved performers. With a new album of the songs of Gerry Rafferty due later this year, she continues to record and to play to sold-out audiences throughout the UK.

Tickets: £22.50book3

Saturday 27th June at 7.30

Legend-BMarley_BCN2009_170LEGEND – The Bob Marley Experience

Shantaram events are proud to present the return of Legend (the Bob Marley experience) . After the amazing reaction from the crowd and seeing every singe person in the savoy up and dancing clapping there hands and generally having an amazing evening we have persuaded the 7 piece band “Legend” to return for another night in celebration of Bob marleys music . THE LEGEND LIVES ON !

Tickets: 15.00book3

Tuesday 7th July at 7.30

Tony-Stockwell-2014An Evening Of Mediumship With Tony Stockwell

The popular star of TV’s Street Psychic, Psychic Private Eyes and Psychic Academy, Tony Stockwell demonstrates his belief that those who have passed can communicate with their loved ones, all delivered with emotion, sensitivity and empathy.Tony Stockwell is a spiritualist medium and spirit communication is part of his own religious belief, but we accept differing opinions exist regarding mediumship. Any demonstration of mediumship is an experiment and results are not guaranteed.

Tickets: £ 18.50book3

 Wednesday 8th July at 7.30pm

The-Three-DegreesThe Three Degrees

The Three Degrees are well known for their soulful voices, beautiful gowns, and fabulous stage shows and songs like “When will I see you again”, “Dirty Ol’ Man”, “Take Good Care Of Yourself”. With 2 original members it’s the same line up since Sheila Ferguson left many moons ago. They have continuously toured for more than 40 years and still touring to this day.  The Three Degrees are “Helen Scott” “Valerie Holiday” & “Freddie Pool”

Tickets: £25.00book3

Thursday 16th July at 7.30pm

Chubby Brown Brochure  Image 2015Roy Chubby Brown – Don’t Get Fit- Get Fat

He’s still rude, he’s still crude and this time he’s turning headlines into punch lines as his rip-roaring brand of banter continues to burst bellies across the country. Chubby doesn’t hold back from sharing his outlandish views on news, women and gender, sailing so close to the mark, even the most seasoned of fans will be left gob-smacked!
If easily offended please stay away!

Tickets: £ 20.00book3

Friday 11th September at 7.30pm

GaGaGA GA – 20th Anniversary Tour

GA GA are embarking on their 20th Anniversary Tour with a show packed with massive Queen hits spanning right across the legendary band’s back catalogue. From numerous Queen Conventions to TV appearances, GA GA have consistently proved why they are so highly rated by critics and audiences alike. There are no wigs, no make-up and definitely no false moustaches but a host of massive Queen songs played like they were meant to be.

Tickets: £ 15.00book3

Friday 20th November at 7.30pm

ratpack01The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular

“Purveyors of Cool” swing into town with The Greatest Music of the 20th Century Wonderful memories of classic Las Vegas Frank Sinatra-Dean Martin-Sammy Davis. Every song a winner – Come Fly with Me, Volare, That’s Amore, Under My Skin, Mr Bojangles, Sway, Mack The Knife and many more of your favourites.

Tickets: Earlybird Price ! £19.00  Until March 31st                                 £ 21.00 Thereafterbook3

 Friday 4th September at 7.30pm

Carpenters-PosterThe Carpenters Story

Lavish arrangements, stunning vocal harmonies and Claire Furley’s uncanny representation of Karen Carpenter combine to bring back memories of pop’s most melodic duo. Featuring all the songs that made the CARPENTERS a legend in the world of music.

 “Well played, very accurate – I’m flattered! ” – Richard Carpenter.

Tickets: £ 19.00 – £ 23.00book3

 Friday 11th March 2016 at 8.00pm

Jenny Eclair1Jenny Eclair: How To Be A Middle Aged Woman  (Without Going Insane).

Professional Grumpy old woman, Splash survivor, amateur soup maker, and novice knitter, Jenny Eclair is younger than Madonna but eats crisps and likes wine. Semi –bearded and suffering from outbreaks of gout and hysteria, Eclair puts middle age under the microscope and decides whether to laugh, cry or buy a dachshund! You are most welcome to join her, just button your cardi up properly and wipe that lipstick off your teeth.

Tickets: £ 17.50book3